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We recommend vacuuming infrequently with a soft upholstery attachment, on a light suction, to remove dirt. Treat spots, spills and stains immediately before it becomes absorbed excessively. Do not rub - carefully soak up the spillage by gently ‘blotting’ with a clean, dry, absorbent cloth in circular movement, working from the outside to the centre. Dry cleaning is recommended to remove spills or marks. We recommend using a professional dry cleaning service at least once a year to keep the fabric looking its best.

Temporary pilling can happen with some fabrics & is not considered a fault, as it can be removed with a pill removal machine. Pilling is a characteristic of many upholstered fabrics, and is a result of excess fibre coming off the surface of the material. This condition is not covered under warranty by the fabric mills, as it is not a defect. It is simply excess material being released.

Fabric Upholstery must be protected from direct sunlight exposure & sources of heat. Placing in direct sunlight will cause the fabric to fade overtime. Direct sunlight includes sunlight through a window - use curtains or blinds to protect your furniture.



Heat and moisture can affect it causing movement in joints for instance and cracking. Keep furniture out of direct sunlight, as too much heat or sunlight can dry out the wood & cause fading. Clean up any spillages as soon as possible, do not immerse the wood in water. We recommend an occasional wipe down with a clean, with dry clean cloth.

Although our furniture is manufactured for resistance to heat and stains, you should always avoid placing hot or wet items directly on the surface as they can leave marks which are difficult to remove. Where joints or veneers meet, it can cause swelling or splitting.

Only use recommended professional care products as many supermarket polishes and waxes contain high levels of silicon and petroleum distillate which can damage the surface.



Our teak collections comes with a light oil finish. For additional protection, we recommend an specialised protective treatment be applied. For cleaning, use a damp, sponge or cloth with a mild solution of water and natural soap (no detergent). Frequent cleaning with a natural soap solution will gradually build up a protective layer: as the wood absorbs the soap, it will become more stain repellant.

If you want to protect the wood from the start, give your furniture a protective coating. We recommend Cabot's Cabothane Clear Water Based. It is a highly durable, hard wearing and fast drying finish. No Sanding is required (refer to label instructions).



If you wish to retain the golden colour, the furniture must be treated with teak sealant before use and on a regular basis. How often treatment is needed depends on the climate and whether the furniture is placed in a sheltered position, for example under a roof. As a general rule, teak table tops should be cleaned and treated at least a couple of times a year. Expansion and contraction of timbers will occur with changes in humidity and temperature. This can cause timber to split which a natural occurrence and not considered a fault. Over time, all wooden furniture will naturally change to a grey colour when left exposed to the elements.

If your teak furniture becomes silvery-grey or black on the surface, it can be cleaned with a recommended teak cleaner. After cleaning and rinsing thoroughly with water, allow the furniture to dry. When the furniture is completely dry, it is ready to be treated with teak sealant. If the furniture has been exposed to the elements over an extended period of time and developed patina, it may be necessary to sand it down before cleaning and treating it.

Clean with a moist cloth, water and washing-up liquid. Alternatively, use a soap flake solution to saturate the wood so that the furniture does not get stain as easily. You can also use a lukewarm cloth or a soft sponge for cleaning of your teak furniture.



Marble is a natural and porous stone. Each piece of marble is unique and has inherent qualities that will vary from piece to piece including, veining, tint and density.

Minor pitting and/or surface variations are normal characterise of natural stones and are not considered defects. Marble is also not scratch proof, small nicks and/or scratches are considered general war and tear and not covered under warranty. It is recommended to use coasters, placemats and the like to avoid any marks or stains from heat or liquids.

Due to the porous nature of Marble, we recommend cleaning any spills promptly to avoid penetration of the stain into the surface. Wash the surface in a small, overlapping, sweeping motion, then dry with a soft clean cloth to prevent spotting. Do not let any spill sit on the surface as this will permanently mark the stone. Avoid any abrasive cleaners such as cleaners with acidic properties, such as juices, detergents and corrosive liquids as these will damage the surface of the marble.



Our Aria furniture range is sealed, however they are not impermeable to stains + scratches. Avoid acid-based cleaners, & refrain from excessive spillages of vinegar based products, red wine, etc. For general spillages, the less time moisture sits on concrete surfaces, the better. Do not to put hot items directly onto a concrete surface as it’s likely to discolour the sealant.

As with most organic products, such as natural stone, you should expect some colour variation and mottling with concrete surfaces, which will change and develop a unique patina with time.

Avoid citrus-based cleaners or anything containing acetone, alcohol or bleach. Warm water and gently soap applied with a soft cloth instead is the best cleaning agent.



Our outdoor weave-based products have been developed to withstand harsh climate conditions. All products are hand-woven, which can vary slightly in colour, creating a contrast in the surface of the weave, giving the furniture a unique & natural look.

Should the product be used outdoors over extended periods of time, regular cleaning with a soft brush and soapy water is important.This ensures the removal of dirt & debris, before they have a chance to build up. Alternatively, the product can be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner set at moderate.

Due to the harsh Australian sun, we do recommend under-cover outdoor usage away from direct sunlight. Our weave outdoor furniture isn’t designed for permanent outdoor use, it is recommended for use in outdoor covered areas only. To prolong the products life span, store in a dry location or use an outdoor cover when not in use or during periods of inclement weather.



Should the product be used outdoors over extended periods of time, regular cleaning with a soft brush and soapy water is important. This ensures the removal of dirt & debris, before they have a chance to build up. It is important to place your cushions in an upright position when not in use. This ensures optimum drainage, thereby minimising the risk of mould and mildew. The anti-bacterial protection in the cushion core is most effective with correct drainage of the cushion.

In case of food or drink spills, wash the spot immediately with warm soapy water and allow the cushion to dry in an upright position. White furniture is more delicate and prone to staining and thus requires more regular cleaning.