It’s time to embrace your inner Safari! It’s time to embrace your inner Safari!

It’s time to embrace your inner Safari!

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Once-upon-a-time, a safari-themed interior would have evoked visions of clashing leopard prints and mounted animal heads. Thankfully, a lot has changed in the world of interior design, and these days safari inspired furniture and décor is less garish and much, much more stylish.

A little goes a long way...

The golden rule when choosing to introduce a modern safari feel to your interior is to limit it to a few key pieces. Throwing tribal motifs and exotic African artifacts on every wall and surface may leave you feeling a little claustrophobic, and it can also date the room very quickly. Instead, some well-selected, luxe furniture items, paired with natural fibres and warm tones can create a welcoming and elegant space that will stand the test of time.

Don’t just stick to earthy pallettes...

We love the natural, earthy tones typically found in safari-style interiors, but don’t be afraid to add a pop of warm colour, or some bold black and whites. Cushions and artwork are a great way to inject colour without detracting from the naturally understated African colour scheme. A striking artwork from Designer Boys Arthouse Animal, or Textural Drift Collections would be a perfect addition, as would some of our gorgeous monochrome or richly coloured Marimekko cushions. Have fun with colour, but be careful not to let any accessories compete with your main safari-style furniture pieces.

Mix up your materials

If you’ve chosen beautiful leather and wood furniture, consider adding plenty of contrasting textures into your space. Think golden wicker lampshades, hand-tufted rugs and runners, textural rattan, wicker or seagrass baskets holding green foliage, and of course some organically shaped vases. All of these finishes will complement your theme without stealing the show.

You’ll love our best-selling Safari Range...

We’ve brought together a classically chic collection of safari-inspired furniture that ticks all the boxes. Our Maland Leather Woven Range comprises comfortable and elegant dining and arm chairs, bar stools, benches and bed heads available in white, black, tan or cognac colours. The soft, saddle-woven leather and teak frames make these pieces contemporary but also timeless.

We also can’t get enough of cow hide! Our Mala armchair boasts soft, luxurious salt and pepper leather hide on the seat and back, in either brown or grey. Not to mention our cow hide benches and ottomans that really pack a safari-style punch. The Tia Ottoman, in square or round, can also be used as a side table or stool, and the Bolleri Cowhide Bench is a perfect statement piece for an entrance, living room, hallway or evena bedroom. Keen on updating your home to an on-trend safari style? Talk to us about our Safari Range or ask us for styling advice.

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