CONCRETE FURNITURE  |  The design trend that’s as stunning as it is practical CONCRETE FURNITURE  |  The design trend that’s as stunning as it is practical

CONCRETE FURNITURE | The design trend that’s as stunning as it is practical

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Concrete has really burst onto the interior design scene in recent years, and with good reason. Raw and industrial, it brings a substance and statement to a room like no other material...

Using concrete in furniture might be a relatively new concept, but it’s fast gaining momentum. You’ll see it used in internal flooring, accent walls, kitchen benches, coffee tables, bathrooms, and of course dining tables. There’s so much we love about concrete, and our highly sought-after Aria concrete range is the perfect example of how this trend can transform an interior or exterior space.

Why is concrete so popular?

There are so many reasons! Its cost-effectiveness combined with its durability make it a sound investment. It’s also super versatile and works in all kinds of indoor and outdoor spaces. It can modernise a traditional look, add sophistication to a modern, contemporary scheme, and inject an urban, industrial appeal to just about any room. Concrete dining tables are a fantastic low-maintenance and weather-resistant option for outdoor eating areas, too.     

How to use concrete in your space

Let it be the star!

The most important styling rule is to use concrete sparingly. A concrete dining table creates a focal point that packs a big and bold punch, so less is more. Don’t let other furniture pieces compete with your concrete or the effect will be minimised.

Contrast the textures...

Concrete has a raw, edgy feel to it and works beautifully when paired with different textures, especially wood. The warm tones and grains of Aria’s reclaimed teak hardwood legs perfectly balance the sleek concrete tabletop. Play around with other materials in your decor, like textured throws and rugs, glass and leather.

Embrace the imperfections

One of the most appealing characteristics of concrete is its raw, organic appearance. This material is not meant to be perfectly uniform and the inherent variations in the surface are what makes it so unique. We proudly boast that no two Aria tables will ever be exactly alike. So celebrate the random aesthetic that’s formed by those beautiful variations in colour, texture and finish.

How to care for your concrete furniture

Although concrete is highly durable, it still needs a little and attention. Living By Design’s Aria furniture items are sealed, but because concrete is porous, liquid spills or hot pots etc can cause stains or discolouration that are difficult to remove. Concrete can also scratch, dent or even crack if it’s subjected to forceful blows. When it comes to cleaning, a simple wash with a soft cloth and warm, soapy water is all that’s needed. Avoid chemical or acidic products, or any bleaches and alcohol-based solutions.
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Interested in adding a modern, industrial-chic appeal to your home? Check out our Aria range of indoor and outdoor furniture. Choose from round, oval or rectangle dining tables, coffee tables, consoles or side tables.

And if you need any styling tips on how to use concrete in your home, get in touch with us

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