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  1. Teak has a natural, organic look and feel
  2. Teak is long lasting and is often reclaimed timber
  3. Teak is virutally maintenance free
  4. Teak is one of the best materials for outdoor dining furniture
  5. An indoor dining area is made beautiful with the addition of a teak dining table
  6. Adding extra protection with a teak sealer
  7. Fall back position – teak can easily be repaired and resurfaced
  8. The versatility of a teak timber table

“The best dining table for you will be one that works for your budget, is solidly constructed, fits in your space and has a style you’ll love for years...”   Melissa Penfold


This from Queen of Style - Melissa Penfold - Australia’s foremost authority on style and design, with an audience of more than 1.7 million.

Browse through one of her blog posts… "how to choose the right dining table” and you’ll soon see that Melissa is definitely a fan of the timber dining table.

So let’s start from the beginning… why is a teak timber dining table a great option for your dining space – here’s our top 10 reasons why :

Teak has a natural, organic look and feel

Teak wood is one of the most beautiful, premium hard woods available anywhere in the world. The beauty of teak is easily seen…and throughout history teakwood has been highly value. It is a highly prized wood amongst ship builders, and a favourite among furniture makers and home makers alike.

The colour and grain of teak wood is second to none and it is often the standard that all other woods are compared to… with terms such as “better than teak”, “teak like” or “stronger than teak”


Teak is long lasting and is often reclaimed timber

The best teak furniture is made from mature trees – and it can take around 4 decades before a teak tree is harvested for wood. Due to the strength and durability, teak is often reclaimed from old structures, harbours or buildings and reused in modern teak furniture.

This means that your newly purchased teak table will last for years and years to come.

Teak is virtually maintenance free

Teak left in its natural state is virtually maintenance free.

The wood has high levels of natural oils, which result in minimal moisture absorption – making teak extremely durable, stable and water resistant – all qualities ideal for an indoor dining table.

Teak has greater naturally weather resistant properties than just about any other type of wood. When teak is dried to a correct moisture level, the oils and rubber in the wood essentially weatherproof and protect the wood. The oils also protect the wood from dry rot, fungi or mould.. making it the perfect outdoor timber for a dining table.

Teak has been a favourite for shipbuilders for centuries – due to its water resistant properties and tendency not to splinter.

Teak is one of the best materials for outdoor dining furniture

Teak is a hardwood and can withstand conditions of heat and cold – making it an excellent wood for a lifetime of outdoor living.

New teak has a warm honey, golden glow but if left untreated and exposed to sun and rain will turn a silver grey colour. This is cosmetic only and does not compromise the strength or the quality of the wood.

Because of the investment made for a new teak outdoor dining table, we would always recommend that the dining table be placed undercover, rather than out in the natural elements. Whilst teak will hold up better than any other wood.. the Australian conditions are so harsh.. if placed undercover your new dining table will hold for many years to come.

An indoor dining area is made beautiful with the addition of a teak dining table

For all the reasons that teak is a great outdoor dining option.. indoor teak dining options have always been a favourite of interior designers for decades.

At Living By Design – our indoor / outdoor split is almost 50 / 50. A teak dining table adds a softness and warmth to a dining space – that no other dining table can.

Team your indoor teak dining table with bench seats for a modern and relaxed look as shown here with our Bailey Recycled Teak Dining Table and Maland Woven Leather Bench...


Nothing says home like a timber dining table and cross back dining chairs... Our Club Grenada Teak Dining Table and Newfield Cross Back Dining Chairs are definately on point. They have stood the test of time and are taking on strong resurgence of late... in fact one of our most popular combinations...




Adding extra protection with a teak sealer

When making a decision to purchase a teak dining option.. it is worth considering whether to further protect – or leave the beautiful wood in its natural state.

To avoid annual cleaning of the wood, a teak sealer can be applied. The teak sealer contains a UV protection to slow down the greying from the sun.

If applied every summer, simply cleaning with water and a mild detergent will keep your teak table in good condition for a very long time.

A teak sealer (which is different from an oil or varnish) is breathable, letting the natural oils escape without bubbling or peeling. This sealer can protect the wood from any nasty stains. Teak is protected by its own natural oils that migrate to the surface of the wood and make the wood virtually impervious to water.

If you do want to keep your teak table resistant to staining and greying off.. we do recommend applying a teak sealer from a reputable brand.  A teak sealer such as Cabot's Cabothane Clear Water Based sealer is a good one we recommend.

However applying a varnish or oil (especially linseed oil) on teak furniture is not recommended. Firstly oil or varnish may peel or chip the surface and secondly, it doesn’t prevent the wood from greying.

Fall back position – teak can easily be repaired and resurfaced

If it all goes horribly wrong.. and your table takes a beating from something untoward, a teak table can be sanded to bring back the original colour and warmth of the wood. Not many tables are as forgiving as a solid teak table.

The versatility of a teak timber table

Dining spaces are often the central hub in any home. Whether it's dinner with the family or a festive get-together with friends and extended family over the holiday season, some of your best memories are created over a lovely meal with your favourite people. Because of this, you need dining furniture that will complement that and become the perfect addition to your cherished moments. Teak dining tables are the perfect centrepiece for your dining space...

Dalton Scandi leg teak dining table with Jensen leather chairs - Living By Design


A perfectly styled indoor teak dining table from India Hicks and David Flint Woods Charming English Country House - Architectural Digest June 2017


That dining room space with the expansive windows and reclaimed teak dining table - wow...


What an incredible outdoor dining + living space post, with teak dining tables as the absolute stand out... @thuisvanoordeghem @cafeine


So while a new teak dining table is a significant investment... the returns are immense.. beauty, longevity and versatility. So I think definately 8 reasons to say yes.













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